Constant Size Point Cloud Clustering (C2NO): Software and Additional Results


Point clouds have recently become a popular 3D representation model for many application domains. Often the processing of point clouds with multiple purposes implies structuring and organizing the point clouds into clusters. This is often the case for coding, notably using deep learning-based algorithms like auto-encoders, which process constant size, ideally compact and non-overlapping point cloud clusters, very much like block and macroblock segmentation in standard image and video coding. However, given the unorganized nature of point clouds, selecting the basic data coding entity is not always trivial. The proposed point cloud clustering algorithm is able to produce clusters with a constant number of points, which are also compact and non-overlapping, in the sense that they do not intersect each other, thus effectively offering a point cloud segmentation solution. The characteristics of the proposed algorithm make it unique since there is no single clustering algorithm available in the literature offering the same features, which are increasingly required.



The clusters obtained using this algorithm for two datasets (MPEG Point Cloud Coding and ICME 2018 Grand Challenge on Point Cloud Coding) are available for download.

For the first dataset, the target number of points per cluster was set to 2048, while for the second it was set to 128.

Each cluster corresponds to a separate point cloud file in PLY format, with a random color assigned to all points.

Please contact MPEG to obtain access to the complete MPEG Point Cloud test dataset.

MPEG dataset # Pts download all
Static Objects Egyptian Mask 272,684 download
Statue Klimt 499,660 download
People Loot 805,285 download
Longdress 857,966 download
Red and Black 757,691 download
Soldier 1,089,091 download
Buildings Arco Valentino 1,481,746 download
Facade 00009 1,596,085 download
ICME 2018 dataset # Pts download all
Small and Simple
Point Clouds
Bunny 35,947 download
Cube 30,246 download
Dragon 34,926 download
Egyptian Mask (small) 34,064 download
Head 36,110 download
Sphere 30,135 download
Torus 31,250 download
Vase 35,461 download



1 / 16
Egyptian Mask
2 / 16
Statue Klimt
3 / 16
4 / 16
5 / 16
Red and Black
6 / 16
7 / 16
Arco Valentino
8 / 16
9 / 16
10 / 16
11 / 16
12 / 16
Egyptian Mask (small)
13 / 16
14 / 16
15 / 16
16 / 16

Sofware/Source Code

Available in GitHub: