European Network on Quality of Experience in Multimedia Systems and Services




10-11th March, 2011


Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, Portugal


Instructions for temporary user or meeting/conference participants (assuming that the initial password was not changed):

   Login credentials:

             Username:  qualinet

             Password:   gK3SdJ

1. Browse available wireless networks and select as SSID 'eduroam-guest';   

2. Set IP to automatic (DHCP); this is usually the default setting, so you may probably skip this step; 

3. Open your browser and try to access any external website. You will be automatically redirected to the page https://wifi.ist.utl.pt/index_auth.php. 

Follow the link 'Web based login' at the top of the page concerning short-time, conference and meetings accounts. Enter the above username/password when requested;

4. After step 3 you may freely browse and access the Internet. You may need to repeat the above steps if you close your browser or if the connection times out.