Codec Evaluation


This web page presents the detailed evaluation of the Wyner-Ziv monoview video codec developed in the context of the DISCOVER project, highlighting its performance strengths and weaknesses. For such purpose, it is included here a significant set of results presented in a very structured way to ease its readability. This set of results is very likely the most exhaustive performance evaluation ever made in the Wyner-Ziv video coding arena.

The architecture and techniques employed by the DISCOVER codec are described in detail in:

X. Artigas, J. Ascenso, M. Dalai, S. Klomp, D. Kubasov, M. Ouaret, "The DISCOVER codec: Architecture, Techniques and Evaluation", Picture Coding Symposium 2007, Lisbon, Portugal. (pdf)

The DISCOVER codec evaluation is organized as follows: